Rocks transformed the way I understand myself and the world around me. Climbing on rocks then took that understanding and appreciation to its zenith. I am fully in love with climbing and I am grateful for all the time I get to spend doing it. Here I share about why rocks are important in their own right, especially in Bermuda, and how climbing on them can teach us about ourselves, each other and the communities we call home. Check out the story here! (13 February 2023)

Humans have been living in the Santa Cruz Mountains for over 15,000 years. Our residency in these forests is contingent upon the capacity of the forest to regenerate following major fire events. Last year, a massive wildfire forced thousands of residents to evacuate and prompted leaders to ask what can be done to create more sustainable relationships between humans, forests and fires. In this piece, I explore the recovery of the forest in the area where I live and seek to answer questions about the effects of the fire and the potential for future fire events in the redwood forest. Check out the story here! (9 March 2021)

I fear failure. I fear rejection. These fears coalesce in a recurring dream that I have. In the dream I am in my home country of Bermuda. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to get control of my life. Throughout the dream I battle internally with myself and externally with the world around me. Ultimately, I learn through the dream that strength and belonging come not from resisting the forces of my environment but from embracing them with openness and gratitude. Check out the story here. (29 January 2021)